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The importance of the internal security is increasing as
there are more attacks aiming access networks near
user nodes. Threats are exploding as there are more of
BYODs connected to unauthorized Access Point (AP)s and
switching hubs.TiFRONT Security Switch,
supporting L2/L3 switching and security features,
is a perfect solution for these threats.
  • Detects quickly a great deal of malicious codes on large-scale networks.
  • Analyzes accurately malicious behavior based on high-performed kernel-level which uses a number of virtual machines, enables countermeasures against unknown new bots.
  • Reduces energy and material costs through virtualizing systems.
  • Applies intellectual/active evaluation according to types of each anomalous traffic.
  • Optimized to attributes of access network packets through a frequency matrix method that has a high performance for forecasting future risks.
  • Automated detection with combinations of each traffic for various variables.
  • Detects DoS attacks and takes actions automatically.
  • TiMatrix detects and blocks basic security attacks from network access layer.
  • interlock with external detection solution can detects malware more accurately, which are possibly not detected by TiMatrix because of other security issues.
  • TiFRONT switch blocks the client to prevent internal attacks or infections without an agents at each client(PC).
  • Based on ARP broadcasting, it secures a stable service through regular inspection of loop status of network.
  • Packets that inspect loop prevention do not impose burden on network resources and guarantee an accurate detection rate of loop phenomenon.
  • IPv6 fully support

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