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Your Work, Your Business, Your Productivity
All Depend on the Performance of Your Applications

Software-defined IT, from the cloud to the network, opens a world of new options for delivering and controlling applications and data. Riverbed software equips you with the most complete infrastructure visibility to optimize application performance and maximize business performance.


See everything that impacts the performance of any app – code, network, user experience – so you can detect and fix issues instantly.


Accelerate delivery of any app regardless of distance, and steer apps over the best network for maximum performance and lowest TCO.


Simplify hybrid IT operations while securing all applications and data to minimize risk and ensure business continuity.

New era. New needs. New network.

Enterprise employees need instant and direct connectivity to services in the public or private cloud, wherever they are located. IT teams need an easy, centralized way to provide those services. That could mean provisioning new sites within a day, adding capacity to the network, or changing application priority. It all needs to be agile.

Enterprise Networking for the Cloud Era

Unified connectivity: Centrally manage a unified connectivity fabric across WANs, remote office LANs and cloud networks. The network can now be treated like it really is, hybrid but unified.

Business-aligned orchestration: Networks can be complex, but managing them does not have to be. Use policy-based workflows naturally aligned to the language of business: Applications, Users, Locations, Performance SLAs and Security requirements.

Cloud-centric workflows: Design every aspect of a distributed network before deploying any hardware. Instantly deploy physical devices into a network. Now, there’s so many ways to extend agility from the cloud into the WAN.

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